HEX is a botanical inspired collection of curated goods, gifts and wears. A plant lovers paradise, offering a wide selection of unique and exotic indoor houseplants, plant-based wellness products, plant care, apothecary goods, natural body care lines, artisan handcrafted items, gifts, decor, and more!

We believe tapping into plants and nature can help create a better place, we this is why we have focused our entire shop around botanicals. Bringing the outdoors in and styling a space with lush greenery and life. To spread the love of plants and abundance our earth willingly and beautifully gifts us. Our body care lines, CBD, herbal supplements, essential oils/aromatherapy, herbal smudges and many other healthy natural products are here to support your body and well being with the guidance of plants. We are passionate about using plants to live a healthy and happy lifestyle and share that information and love with our community

We love supporting small businesses & offer an array of quality, handcrafted merchandise from a variety of selected artisans. We search out & hand pick our artisan suppliers to give a wide span of eclectic & affordable items, with the quality we all look for. When there is love & passion going into creating a product, it shows! We carefully showcase and spread the work of talented artisans who share like minds and passions.

We care! Improving our planet and creating a happy, healthy environment for all is of the utmost importance. We look for quality natural ingredients, ethical business models, use of recycled materials, practicing fair trade, products free of GMO's, animal cruelty testing and toxic ingredients. We also carry several companies who focus on helping others including anti-human trafficking, fighting the war on poverty, and help support those who have been in sexual and domestic abuse by creating jobs, health care and healthy living conditions all around the world. It starts with the buyers and we will continue to build up our ethically driven products and support causes we care for in our hearts. 



I love to create, it is my passion in life. Using my hands and mind in an artistic way has always been so important to me, it is like breathing. I enjoy surrounding myself with creative projects, beautifully crafted items, color, design and most importantly other inspiring minds.

I went to college and concentrated my studies in color theory and design, this is where I learned the importance of beauty and flow. I gravitated towards floral design as a creative outlet and career path, where I focused on the aesthetic side of plants. I owned and operated a wedding floral business and my career in florals grew into an even greater appreciation for living plants. I soon learned the importance of plant-based products while working in a salon, and grew fond of how they made me feel. Gradually changing what I put on my body, turned into looking what I put into my body. By slowly eliminating chemicals and going back to the basics, plants taught me a new, healthier lifestyle. This is where I was introduced to my newest and greatest passion, wellness through plant based medicines. I witnessed spirituality for the very first time through the use of plants  and their teachings and wisdom. I had a new found peace that nothing had ever offered me, the subtle serenity and guidance plants have offered to me has been life changing. Their healing properties opened my view on wellness and a focus on helping others find this same light. Plants have changed my life in every way, they have gently guided me and I truly believe my purpose is to share all what we can learn from what they have to offer. I feel that all my past experience with flowers, design and plant based products were all stepping stones and a great foundation for piecing together what forms HEX and how my love and passion for plants grew to be what it is today. HEX is a mix of quality, yet affordable, plant base and plant inspired items, a collection of all that I love best and a place where I can share that with others.