This rustic wall planter features a 4" Philodendron Cordatum and a 4" Pearls & Jade Pothos. Planter is made of rustic metal and has two holes to hang. These are both a vining plant and will contiune to grow or you can trim back for a tighter, cleaner appearance. They have been placed in the planter in plastic growers pots and can be easily taken out to water. 



-WATERING: Once A Week

-LIGHTING: Medium - Bright Indirect Lighting


13.75" x 3.50" x 8.75"

4" Philodendron & 4" Pothos + Rustic Wall Hanger

  • *PLANTS MAY VARY: We have mulitiples of each plant, due to the nature of live plants, the plant in the photo may not be the exact plant you receive, but will be very similar in size and color. 

    *LIVE PLANTS ARE FOR LOCALS ONLY: Sorry we are not offering shipping on live plants at this time. Please select LOCAL PICKUP / DELIVERY at check out.

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