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HOW TO: Floral Crown



- Clippers, Floral Knife or Sharp Scissors

- Floral Covered Wire: green or brown

- Floral Tape: green or brown

- Thinner Floral Straight Wire: 24-28 gauge

- Flexible Tape Measure


- Main Hardy Greenery

- Soft Airy Greenery or Vine

- Small Filler Flower/Greenery

- 2-3qty Types of Small Flowers w/Buds

- Sturdy Focal Flowers: Sm-Med. in Size

- Floral Accents: Berries, Colored Foliage, or Buds


Here are a couple tips on picking out your flowers. From texture and size to type and variety it all becomes important when finding the right kind of flowers for your hair piece.

-Choose smaller flowers with a variety of blooms and buds, staying away from very large bloomed flowers.

-Pick a cohesive color pallet that will compliment your features and/or style for your event. Is it for a wedding, baby shower, or just for fun? Think about outfits, themes and hair color when choosing a color pallet. Complementary colors can be fun and uplifting. Soft pastels are great for bridal or maternity events. My favorite, monochromatic color scheme goes well with all events and is an easy go to.

-Stay clear of sensitive flowers that don't hold up well out of water like: hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, sweet peas, astilbe and dahlias.

Or delicate flowers that will bruise like: lilies, lisianthus, thinner petaled orchids and anemones.

Sturdier flowers that do especially well are: spray roses, roses, mums, berries, smaller filler flowers, gomphrena, nigella, larkspur, delphinium and scabiosa,

-Using at least three floral elements creates balance, movement and interest. However, you can also use only greenery and/or just filler flowers if you are in a pinch.

-Look for different textures, shapes and shades, this will help create a natural looking crown with interest and creativity.

-Thinner stems will make it easier when creating a floral crown. While thick and woody stems will work, they add unnecessary heaviness and bulkiness to your piece. For beginners stay away from bulb or hollow stemmed flowers, they can be a bit tricky and may result in breakage.

-Filler flowers are friends when it comes to crowns, they help reduce bulk while adding fullness. A filler flower is a flower than is smaller and grows in tiny bunches, this includes: waxflower, statice, caspia, baby's breath, solidago, heather, calcynia, and eriostemon. Filler flowers tend to be hardy and withstand being out of water for longer periods of time, making them perfect for hair pieces.


Measure out the circumference of your head with a flexible tape measure. Using covered floral wire, double up by folding in half and create an open knot at one end. Cut the other loose ends about 1/2" longer than your head measurement.

STEP TWO: Using floral tape, secure tightly on top of knot by holding down with one hand and lightly pulling the tape with the other. Floral tape is activated by pulling and becomes tacky. Continue wrapping and pulling in a downward angle, about 1" down the covered wire.


Cluster your greenery and fillers into a small bunch and place on top of the floral taped wire. Slowly pull and wrap the stems with your floral tape, moving in a toward angle, while holding securely with other hand.


Cut the ends as you go and fully wrapping the stems. You will want to make sure to keep enough stems to overlap your next cluster, about 1/2".

STEP FOUR: Next you will want to prep your flowers with wire and tape. Cut flower stems at about 1/2 inch long. Using a straight wire push through flower right in between the stem and the flower petals. Fold wire in half and wrap flower stems and wire with the floral tape, making sure to pull and work down the stem. Cut wire at the stem length at 1/2".

STEP FIVE: Repeat step four with all flower blooms. Then work in the wired flowers into your crown. There is really no rule in flower placement, I typically do a larger asymmetrical bunch of flowers to one side. However you can evenly or sporadically add flowers and buds to your liking. You can pre-bend the wired flower stems to get blooms to move into different positions before placing them in your crown.

STEP SIX: Continue pattern until you reach the end. Once you get to the end thread the two loose ends through the open knot and twist to secure. Cut off any extra covered wire.

STEP SEVEN: Spray you finished floral crown with water and keep in a cool place or refrigerator until in use. Using a floral preservative like Floralife's: Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory will prolong flowers lifespan out of water.

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