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HOW TO: Compote Arrangement


-CONTAINER: Pedestal Compote Style w/wide opening

-CHICKEN WIRE: Preferably Green Floral Type

-FLORAL TAPE: Green Oasis Waterproof

-CLIPPERS & KNIPPERS: Sharp Knife or Scissors will work

- FLORAL FROG & CLAY: (optional)


-FOCAL FLOWERS: Select a larger bloomed flower, typically the largest of all other flowers. These will ground the design and draw the eye in. I chose peach garden roses.

-DRAPING OR LINE FLOWERS: Finding a line flower is important, this will create movement and direction in the arrangement. I chose a cymbidium orchid spike, and blooming almond branches.

-ACCENT FLOWERS: Find a flower similar to focal flower, yet smaller and more subdued. These will help support the focal flowers and soften the arrangement. I chose antiqued carnations.

-FILLER FLOWERS: These flowers will fill in any blanks and also give texture, depth and color. Look for smaller free flowing shapes, in monochromatic colors. Make sure these fillers don't overpower the other flowers. I chose mini carnations, alstroemeria, hellebores, & spray roses.


-HARDY GREENS: These greens are the anchors, a foundation and creates a useful base to work off of. Make sure to use a sturdy type greenery with woody branches. I chose laurel.

-MEDIUM GREENS: Find a medium sized leaf that will go in unison with the hardy greenery, I chose camellia leaves.

-FILLER GREENS: Look for movement, texture and airiness. I love using something with seeds and smaller leaves. I chose blooming viburnum foliage.


Using green floral chicken wire cut a piece about twice the length of the container.

Fold in sharp edges and create a dome shape.


Place the formed chicken wire in container and tape down in an "X" pattern. Make sure to tuck floral tape securely underneath rim.

Add water after taping, this insures that the tape will stick to a dry container. Waterproof tape will only adhere to a dry object, however it will keep the moisture out once it is placed.

For more added support for transportation, place a pin frog in the middle of the container using floral clay to adhere, before adding the chicken wire and water.


Start building the form with hardy greenery and add in medium greenery to fill. Create an asymmetrical shape by bringing greens out further on one side and up and out with the other.

Make sure to stick all floral stems down into the water and working in between the last stem to form a web. The chicken wire will help support the arrangement, however the first hardy greens help lock in the form. They also help keep the arrangement from moving as more greenery and flowers are placed.


Once a sturdy base has been created, weave in the filler greenery. Focus on bringing the filler out to create an airy and light shape and filling in any holes.


Now it is time to start adding in the flowers! Begin with the line flowers to create movement in the arrangement. Add in branches following the original hardy greens line. Then add in the cymbidium orchids to drape forward.

Don't be afraid to break apart flowers if they are too long or too bunched. Flowers go much further by breaking them apart, especially longer line flowers with many blooms. Use the smaller bunches to balance the larger bunch.


Once the line flowers have been placed, add in the focal flowers. When it comes to focal flowers, place them towards the front of the arrangement and deep close to the rim for depth. Place one larger bloom, or even bunch several flowers in odd numbers like three's. For a grander look balance these clusters with even numbers like two's on the backside of the arrangement to give an overall odd number.

Odd numbers are always more visually appealing than even.


Lastly use filler flowers to fill in the blanks and holes.

Use them to bring outwards, keeping color and balance in mind.

Always add water every day and keep the arrangement out of harsh sunlight and away from any heating source.

And that's all folks! Enjoy and keep designing!

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