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A Walk Downtown: Nevada City, California

If you haven't visited Nevada County located in California's Foothills, it is such an amazing area full of quaint old mining towns, framed with lush trees, high mountains and magnificent flowing rivers. Where many people settled down in hopes of prosperity and striking gold during the California Gold Rush. Nevada City, Ca is a tiny little town nestled between California's State Capital, Sacramento and Tahoe's National Forest.

It has remained true to it's historic roots and kept it's small town feel and outdoor charm. The streets are filled with many original mid-1800's architecture, including Broad Street and Commercial Street. It's like taking a step back into the past, where everything was made, milled and formed by hand. From the intricate doors, to the tiny one way streets, downtown Nevada City has maintained it's original luster. Small local businesses line the main street, no big box stores litter it's classic aesthetics.

Nevada City is known for it's artisan appeal, natural foods and relaxed nature. Places like Nevada City Winery, Three Forks Brewing Company, Pine Street Cafe and Lefty's Grill flourish with tourist, travelers and locals. Supporting each other, local is how this small town runs. The "Farm to Fork" nature has always been a huge part of Nevada City, with it's abundant farming and locally grown organic foods.

Brick buildings with metals shutters and historical plaques are very prevalent. Corbels, gingerbread, wooden windows, original fixtures, handles and hinges these preservation's are what makes Nevada City so spectacular. The workmanship and details in it's original structures are mesmerizing.

Two historic tower firehouses still exist downtown Nevada City, both preserved at their finest.

Even the insides of these historic buildings capture the era in which they were built. Bel Capelli Salon an AVEDA salon with it's exposed brick walls still holds that old time feel.

Deer Creek runs throughout the town of Nevada City and just outside of downtown there is the an amazing hiking trail and suspension bridge.

The Deer Creek Tribute Trail starts downtown just past the Miner's Foundry Cultural Center, passes through a neighborhood and onto a dirt pathway through wooden terrain.

Tourist from all around the world come to enjoy Nevada County's lush forest and tranquil rivers.

The Anqkula Seo Suspension Bridge is located on the Deer Creek trail, where you can walk to the waters edge and cross over this moving spring-like bridge.

Marveling at the clear, relaxing waters, it is easy to get lost in this local attraction. Just a quick step outside of downtown you can be fully surrounded by nature and all it has to give.

Now you must come visit The California Foothills and make sure to stop in Nevada City, this town is well worth the trip! Don't forget to drop by Nevada City's sister town Grass Valley on your way and shop at HEX for these styles and looks.

Photography | Angela Nunnink Photography Hair & Makeup | Angela Nunnink Clothing & Accessories | HEX

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