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Modern Romantic Prom Style

Traditionally prom styles consist of a poofy formal dress, an overly stylized up-do and a bulky floral wrist corsage. As the trends and decades have changed, most of proms customs have remained the same. However, recently there has been a new modern approach to some of those older prom traditions.

Hairstyles and makeup have become more natural and less formal. A fresh face, simple lip, long lashes and full brows are currently very in trend with makeup. Hairstyles are looser and less of an up-do and more of an effortless look, with full volume, loose curls with texture and deconstructed braids.

Say goodbye to large and uncomforable wrist corsages and hello to floral hair combs! These flower hair pieces are perfectly combined with a loose romantic braid or a low chignon bun.

No more tight buns or springy ringlet curls, hair-do's are all about flowing naturally. A low bun allows a perfect base for adding in a floral comb while creating a clean sophisticated look.

Men's styles have gone back to a more refined and classy look, yet a tad more casual. A nice pair of leather shoes paired with a bow tie, a crisp white shirt and a simple boutonniere.

Boutonnieres with exposed stems, smaller blooms and velvet or silk neutral colored ribbon. One standard large rose use to be the only form of a boutonniere out there, but now with smaller more intricate flowers the design options are limitless.

A neutral, clean pallet with colors like champagne, blush, rosegold, beige, and cream are very popular. Mixed metals and shades of metallics with varying textures like sequins, shimmer, lace and fitted silk.

The fun trend of pastels and cool tone hair colors with balayage highlights, darkened roots and varying depth.

While prom will always stay true to it's original roots, it has been a breath of fresh air with these new and fun current trends. Mixing it up and creating a romantic modern look, it's exciting to see what new ideas and styles are coming up next!



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