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Since opening, we've been excitedly filling up our shelves with many artisan items that supports other passionate, small businesses. It has always been a dream of mine to support small businesses who love what they do and the products they create. However recently I've decided that's not the only support we want to give! The concept that each and every person can make a difference in the world, and it all starts with the buyer has readily crossed on my mind. Not only is style, great branding, good ingredients and quality matter, but the story behind the businesses. The love, passion and drive that makes a company so amazing, is just as important. As a buyer, we get to create our market and it came to me, that it is our duty to make sure we give back and create a better place. It started with a donation, and several conversations with passionate, loving people, this sparked the fire inside. We all are responsible for helping people in need, to be kind and compassionate and in our daily lives we sometimes forget. We forget the love we need to give back, being kind to one another is contagious, it spreads from soul to soul and brightens even the darkest corners of our world. When I realized that as a store owner, I can help others with making purchases for our shop, it became evident I needed to source out more companies who support a good cause. I've always said when there is love and passion going into a business, their products always shine, well this goes hand in hand with supporting those in need. We are very excited to now offer three companies whose proceeds or portions of their earnings go towards helping out a cause, to give back and help people in need. Not only do you feel great about making a purchase from these companies, but their products are top of the line, beautiful and above all, meaningful. In a world full of hate, war, destruction, and waste, we can find the good and all work together to create something wonderful, because these companies have done just that!

Up first! ALLAFIA was our very first supplier who gives back and is out to stop poverty in Africa. Their Empowerment Projects ensures African resources that empowers African communities though Educational & Material Programs, Women's Health Care, Supplement of Eyeglasses and Reforestation.

Their products contain wildcrafted, natural derived ingredients. They are fair trade, gluten free, handcrafted, vegan, paraben free & never animal tested.


Giving health care, assistance & knowledge to pregnant women, to reducing maternal related deaths.


Provide school uniforms, books, & writing supplies. Donate desks & roofing for schools. Creating & constructing new schools & collecting used bikes for students to transport to & from school in rural areas.


Plant trees to help the fight against deforestation & climate change, Invested in sustainable fuel alternatives to reduce wood & charcoal demands.


Collect & distribute used eyeglasses to the visually impaired.


Educates women of the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation in hopes to stop this violation of of human rights of girls & women.


Supports women who became victims of prostitution, because of extreme poverty. This center is a place of rehabilitation that offers a stable income & skills for women to keep them out of the sex trade.

Next up is PURPOSE JEWELRY, they create beautiful handcrafted, fashionable jewelry to help women escaping from sex trafficking.

They work with survivors in Mumbai, India and Orange County, CA to provide a skill through the art and business of jewelry making. Every step from making, packaging, inventory, to shipments, is done by a woman who escaped and is now being supported through holistic care. INTERNATIONAL SANCTUARY is a non-profit that gives education, health care, and counseling to these women.

Our newest addition is DEAR SURVIVOR, they create gorgeous accessories and donate a portion of every dollar to GENERATE HOPE.

Owner Christine Longoria was inspired by living right next to an actual illegal brothel in downtown San Francisco. With years of fighting alongside her neighbors against it, the impact of something happening literally right outside her door and the powerlessness against it, fueled her passion to support. The truth behind human trafficking, is it happens right under our noses, the heads turned and the laws that protect it are frightening.

Generate Hope "Provides a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to be restored through long-term housing, healing, psychotherapy and education.

Safety, community, and individualized life skills support to work through the deep trauma and discover a healthy, purpose-filled life."

Our mission is to create a shop filled with beautiful things that have a meaning. The importance of supporting small businesses that care is simple, we all need to do more good in our world. While we might not all have the time, resources, fiances or ability to do as much as these wonderful businesses, we can see how simple it is to support. Be kind to one another, lend a hand, and remove negativity and judgement. We can all make our tiny stamp on the world, even just a purchase or donation can make a difference. I'm very excited to have found these companies and I am looking forward to searching out new additions to our shop that can better ourselves and each other.


LOCATION | HEX 114 Neal Street Downtown Grass Valley, Ca 95945

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