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How To Clear Your Space: Bye Bye Negativity

Have you recently moved into a new space? An office, new home or workspace? What about had a major hardship or change and want relief of negativity and a fresh feel in your current space? Or maybe you are looking for that always hard to find house warming gift or hostess gift? Whatever the reason, clearing a space and creating a sacred and positive environment can do wonders to your psyche and help your mental clarity to move forward. Energy is real and whether we decide to acknowledge it's presence or not, it can sneak up on you when you least expect it! Our ancient ancestors have been using rituals and aids to help rid spaces of negative energy for hundreds of years. Setting a positive intention helps us reach our goals and dreams, and backing those intentions with rituals helps solidify those hopes towards becoming a reality. I often clear a space with white sage or palo santo to rid bad vibes and bring the good ones in! Also, I love placing crystals in my work environment to help bring prosperity and abundance within my financial situation or in my home to promote a loving, peaceful environment.

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Below are some great tools to help you move that stagnate or negative energy into a positive, happy place.

CRYSTALS: are more than just a pretty dust collector, that's for sure! They can help the flow of energy, whether that is in a form of blocking, grounding, protecting, manifesting, generating or even absorbing. The nature in which they are formed, under the extreme conditions within the earth for thousands or maybe even millions of years, make crystals a powerful tool. Each type of crystal has a different purpose and they can be used on a daily basis to help give unbiased knowledge and love for anything under the sun. They can be programmed with intention to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires. They can heal and soothe us in times of need, lend us a helping hand when things get rough, get us in touch with nature and our planet, help us with communication to others, bring happiness and creativity back into our lives and show unconditional love.

SELENITE: has been known to help unblock stagnate energy, allowing energy to flow fluently. It helps clear, protect and block negative energy from your body and space. Extremely helpful in Chakra healing, cleansing of auric field and space clearing. Selenite helps boost and amplify other crystal energy when combined together.

CLEAR QUARTZ: is one of the most abundant stones on planet earth. Quartz is an extremely versatile stone in it's uses, it is the perfect stone to enhance or amplify other stones, The clear part of quartz makes for a perfect conductor of Divine Light, which is pure, uplifting and positive.

WHITE SAGE: Burning sage, also known as "smudging" is a great way to rid negative energies from a space. It actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have effects on our stress and anxiety levels and helps promote self awareness and consciousness shifts. Smudging with sacred smoke has been used in ritual alchemy, seen all over the world. Native Americans Indians have been and still until this day use white sage to purify and protect. They viewed smoke as deeply symbolic, ascending from the heavens and blessing what it comes in contact with. The Latin for sage, ‘Salvia,’ converts ‘to heal.’

PALO SANTO: is a scared wood, when burnt creates a wonderful aromatic smoke. Similarly to burning white sage, palo santo smudging has been used by shamans in Peru in ceremonial prayer, ritual, divination, and healing. It's commonly used for it's therapeutic and spiritually uplifting nature.


clear your space with Moon & Jai crystal ritual kits clear your space

If you are looking to rid that negative energy, we have the perfect ritual kit to help you out! We now offer Crystal Ritual Kits by

Moon And Jai. These kits have all you need to get your positivity flowing freely!


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WHAT'S IN THE BOX?: Each box contains a theme to bring what you need most in your life right now: healing, manifest, prosperity, or release. They each have one crystal with intention, a clear quartz point, selenite wand, white sage smudge, palo santo stick, book of matches, paper feather and informative scroll to help you along the way.. Below are the crystals that personalize each themed box and how you can use these stones in your rituals and spaces to promote positive vibes.

HEALING/AMETHYST: is one of the most powerful healing stones, and it is wonderful to have anywhere in your home, work space or with you. As you are creating healing in your life, gently invite Amethyst to work it’s magic. Set the intention to fill your life with light, joy and harmony. Amethyst relieves stress and irritability, dispels fear, anger and anxiety. It calms the mind and improves focus, memory and motivation. Amethyst strengthens the immune system and reduces pain. It helps with headaches, helps heal the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, cellular disorders and digestive tract. Amethyst placed in a window that receives sun most of the day is very beneficial to heal negativity in the home. It imbues your home with a sense of calm. Amethyst guards and protects it’s owner, and the space by transmuting negative energy into pure love. Amethyst is used to keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive. It also protects from electromagnetic stress.

MANIFEST/LABRADORITE: takes on the characteristic energies of both Sun and Moon, and can be a life-changing stone. It helps bring success to it’s owner and dramatic changes in the quality of life. Labradorite facilitates the communication between the subconscious and conscious mind, awakens intuition, and helps expand personal transformation. Labradorite brings truth to the surface. It can allow us to see different perspectives about people and situations.

PROSPERITY/CITRINE: does not only assist in acquiring wealth, but helps to maintain it, and attracts success and prosperity especially for new business or entrepreneurship ventures, as it helps you achieve your goals rapidly. Placing citrine in your wallet or purse has been known to help generate income.

RELEASE/LEPIDOLITE: is calming and soothing, as it helps to release stress while supporting one on the path of willing acceptance. Lepidolite assists in releasing old behavioral patterns, and helps identify and let go of all unwanted energies and behaviors. It assists us in finding a harmonious path to action, encourages independence and self-reliance. Lepidolite helps overcome fear of judgment and helps to identify and set strong, clear boundaries on all levels – emotional, physical, and energetic. This stone assists with openness and honesty and supports in handling various challenging situations with highest integrity. Lepidolite aids in overcoming emotional or mental dependency. It encourages independence and self love and trust. Lepidolite relieves allergies, strengthens the immune system. It is a detoxifier for the skin and connective tissue, and helps balance anxiety, hyperactivity.

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Are one of these boxes calling to you? If you are interested in purchasing a Moon & Jai Crystal Ritual Kits, stop on by HEX, in historical downtown Grass Valley, California. We are located at 114 Neal Street Grass Valley, Ca 95945 across from Safeway's parking lot, right next to Thirsty Barrel Tap House and Grille. We carry a wide assortment of fun gifts, botanicals, indoor plants, apparel, natural products, accessories and much more!

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