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Plants In Your Business: The Importance of Life in a Work Environment

Do you own a business in Nevada County? Did you know here at HEX, we will work with you and offer a discount to local businesses in our area that are looking to liven up their businesses with the use of live plants? We can source out particular indoor plants, pots and special order just what you are looking for. We will also give you advice as to which plants might suit your business's needs, help with design advice for your space and care instructions to keep them healthy and looking great. Whether you have a doctors office, salon, law firm or a retail store front, indoor plants can really help your overall environment, allowing your customers or patients to feel at ease and at home.

Plant life is not only relaxing, but also helps keep our air clean. Many indoor plants are known for their air purifying and health benefits. Adding an air purifying plant to your work environment can help the air quality and remove unhealthy chemicals from our breathing air.

It's not just about looks, choosing the right plant for your business is key! Plant education is important, and we are here to help you make the right decisions and choose the plants that will work best for your business. There are many easy care plants that will not only look great in your business, but require very little maintenance on your part. We understand time is money and convenience is everything. We can offer plant options that need very little watering, and can fit perfectly into your specific light conditions.

Spreading the love with indoor plants is what we are all about! We'd love to see more businesses going green and bring the great outdoors in, for our amazing clients and community. Stop on by and chat with us about the discount options we can offer your business on special ordered plants. Come see what we have in our shop to give you ideas and inspiration to what direction you might like to take. We are here to help, so we can work within a budget and make carefully thought out decisions for you, if you just aren't into design or don't know where to start!

(*Purchase minimums and prepaid required to receive discounts)

We are located at 114 Neal Street Historical Downtown Grass Valley, Ca 95945.

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