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New In-House Jewelry Line: My Passion for Jewelry Design

I've always been into the arts in some kind of way, from drawing and painting to floral design, graphic design to illustration, I even dabbled in the ideas of manufacturing engineering and fashion design in college. I've been a little everywhere on the art and design board, but I've always known I would land on something artistic that had to do with creating with my hands. I love collaboration with others, learning and being inspired by like minds. Opening HEX I was able to harness my love for putting together beautiful, quality, handcrafted and plant base products into one space to share with our customers. I get the privilege of promoting many amazing and talented artisans, who I share the love for their products and story behind their passion for their businesses. I greatly value and enjoy supporting people who handcraft their products.

One thing I've always had in my back pocket is jewelry making. At times I've focused on that as a way to make money, other times I just made gifts for friends and family, and sometimes I just do it do wind down after a long day when I need a creative outlet. I can get lost in creation, this is where I feel real peace and contentment. There is something very rewarding about using your hands to create, it helps ground me in this physical world, and releases all of life stresses. I truly believe we are all here to create, whether that is with our hands, our minds, or even our bodies. The greatest creation is life itself, so in essence we are all here as a product of creation, it only makes sense we feel it necessary and enjoyable in our lives. In all the hubbub of our hectic lives, creating can get us back to our centers and possibly, onto the right tract of where we are really meant to be.

I find the mind process of creating the best part! The idea behind a design, getting to manifest an idea into something physical and real. I not only love the challenge, but the reward of accomplishment and then to be able to share it with others.

I enjoy using different metals, and crystals. My love for crystals and gemstones has been an awesome new journey. I enjoy learning about their metaphysical properties and have found great comfort in their subtle, yet guiding presence and knowledge. Stones have been used for hundreds of years in jewelry and rituals. I believe wearing them is one of the most powerful ways to harness their powers and collaborate not only with beauty, but help co-create positive, loving energy.

I'm very excited to add our very own In-House-Made jewelry line to our local artisan collection here at HEX. These affordable earrings make the perfect gift. All our earring post are 24k gold plated for all those sensitive ears. We use lightweight brass findings and genuine semi-precious stones. Using basic shapes and hints of sacred geometry, brings me back to my affinity and experience of design, using those shapes that surrounds our universe and that create life itself.

You can find our earrings in our shop HEX, located in historical downtown: 114 Neal Street in Grass Valley, Ca 95945.

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